A script to zoom IMG elements on mousewheel or touchpad scroll.


Daisy on the Ohoopee

Released under the MIT License, source on Github (changelog)


Compatible with: Chrome, Firefox 17+, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 9+.


// assign wheelzoom

// assign and set the zoom percent
wheelzoom(document.querySelectorAll('img'), {zoom:0.05});

// zooming out can be triggered by calling 'wheelzoom.reset'
document.querySelector('img').dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('wheelzoom.reset'));

// wheelzoom can be removed from an element by calling 'wheelzoom.destroy'
document.querySelector('img').dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('wheelzoom.destroy'));

Wheelzoom doesn't change the DOM. It works by sizing and positioning background-size and background-position styles.

Wheelzoom replaces an img's background-image with its src. Then the src is set to a transparent image. The benefit to using a background-image is that plugin does not change the DOM or the positioning of the img element. This means that the plugin should Just Work™ regardless of your specific CSS or markup. The drawback that there is no support for background-sizing in older browsers (IE8). The img element is left unmodified for unsupported browsers.

The source is short and well commented if you are curious to how it works. Email me if you run into any bugs.


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